The Home Selling Process


Selling your home is a big undertaking and to some people can be very daunting and stressful. My job is to simplify the entire process for you and handle the complex tasks that will get your home sold quickly and for the most money. This section was created to help you better understand what the process of selling a home looks like. While not everybody’s situation will be the same, this list will generally be what you can expect along the way. If you’re thinking of selling in the near future I would love to meet with you and have a look at your home. I have a much more detailed version of this list I can provide if we decide to work with each other. Enjoy!

  1. Initial Meeting: I like to come out to your home to meet you in person and have a tour of your home. I’ll make some notes, provide you with some advice/tips for getting your home ready to list, we’ll talk about pricing, marketing strategy, what paperwork is involved and where we go from there.
  2. Photos, Measurements, Floor Plans, etc: A couple of days before we put the house on the market I will bring in my team of professional photographers, measurement and floor plan experts to the home for a couple of hours to create some stunning material to use as part of our marketing strategy.
  3. Listing Day: Once I have the photos etc back from my team of professionals I can load the listing onto the computer system and it will be live! I’ll swing by the home and put a lockbox somewhere secure outside the front door with a key inside so other REALTORS® will have a way to access the home. The For Sale sign will be installed outside by a professional sign company two days after the listing hits the market.
  4. Real Property Report: We will have already discussed this document at the initial meeting and if it applies to your property, and I’ll be checking in on its progress as we go along as needed.
  5. Showings: Once your home is on the market I will receive requests from other REALTORS® to show it to their prospective buyers. Showing times are almost always booked in one hour time slots (example 1-2pm) and it’s important you are not home at that time. As soon as I get the showing request I will immediately contact you for your approval and then confirm it with the buyer’s REALTOR®.
  6. Offers: Once someone decides to write us an offer it will be sent to me via email or fax. I’ll notify you immediately and set up a time to meet you in person or discuss it over the phone, whatever is most convenient for you. We’ll negotiate the deal back and forth and once it is accepted and signed by both parties it will be conditionally sold. The buyer will normally have a couple of conditions in the offer, such as subject to the buyer getting final financing approval and subject to a home inspection. The buyer will typically have between 7-10 days to satisfy these conditions. Once they do, they will sign off on the deal and it will officially be listed as sold!
  7. Preparing For Possession Day: Now that the house is sold you need to choose a real estate lawyer to handle the sales proceeds and all other legalities that go along with the sale of a home. I can provide you with some great recommendations if you don’t already have someone in mind. About a week or so before possession day you will meet in person with your lawyer to sign off on paperwork. Leading up to possession day you will also want to call the utility companies, post office, etc and let them know you are moving.
  8. Possession: The new owners take possession of your home at or around noon on the day of possession. This can vary depending on any delays at the lawyer’s office, banks, etc. Your lawyer will call me once all the money has been transferred and they tell me it is okay to hand over the keys to the new owner. The sales proceeds from your home often take a day or two to be deposited into your bank account.


My Commitment To You

If you choose me to be your REALTOR® my commitment to you will be to earn your long-term loyalty and trust by providing you with exceptional, personalized customer service. I will do so by putting your needs first and caring for the outcome of your negotiations. I will provide you with the most comprehensive Real Estate service available.

I will also make sure you are educated on the important factors affecting the market so we can calculate your home’s value within the market and price it competitively. As an expert in real estate marketing, I will present you with a marketing plan what will position your home in a way that makes it stand out from its competition, attract more viewers and ultimately sell faster and for a better price.

If you’d like to get in touch about your next home sale today, please contact me for a free evaluation of your home. I would love to be the number one choice for all your friends, family and your own personal real estate needs for years to come.

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